Mobile App Development for iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android (Smartphones & Tablets) & Windows Phone / Windows 8

Using the latest technology trends, we implement your idea into advanced software, to provide best mobile user experience for your customers. Ability to find solutions for our latest operating systems and devices speaks enough for our technical capacity.

iPhone Application Development

We are strongly devoted to our mission of delivering fully functional, native apps with the intention to supply every business need and exceed the highest expectations. We strive for remarkable appearance and consistent work in addition to:

  • Develop & design the Idea that our clients are happy with
  • Creating prototypes that will work on any device or platform
  • Testing and debugging to achieve fully responsive apps
  • Usability analysis and periodically updates
  • Warranty and 24/7 support

We’re using Xcode and Objective C to develop our smartphone projects and create innovative custom solutions.

Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform

We are fully dedicated in developing superior apps depending on our requirement in aim to bring you satisfied clients and professional achievements. We are helping our clients by creating unique, rich apps on every major category:

  • Travel and local apps
  • Educational apps
  • Music and audio apps
  • Tracking, mapping and navigation apps
  • Lifestyle and fitness apps

User privacy and safety are most important to us, as we implement SDK Java programming language, and most advanced methods of testing in order to make sure our clients get only trusted applications. We prioritize everyone’s requirements.

Windows Phone 8 & Windows 8 Apps

Beside our competitive business solutions in the fields of Android and iOS development, we have the passion to release applications on the fastest growing Windows platform. Our applications are user-friendly with a remarkable design, unique appearance in a variety of categories from business models to music, games and entertainment.


Windows Application Development team has a vast experience in C# and xml releasing simple scrolling app, easy to use and upgraded, for long lasting enjoyment and experience. The team of software developers, managers and testers can identify and solve every single issue and set up clean, fast and powerful for use application.


Mobile App For Your Restaurant

Sell quicker. Grow your business.

With the new normal restaurants, pubs, kebab shops and pizzerias need to adapt to the new way of shopping experience. A single scan automatically takes you to the online menu where customers can order for takeaway or drop-off. While integrating online ordering on the website most of our clients invest in a mobile app too. We are currently running an offer if the whole package is purchased. See below what our mobile app covers:

  • Cross platform application - the mobile application will run smoothly on both platforms that is android and iOS mobile phones
  • Login ID and Password facility for all types of users
  • Multiple secure payment gateways
  • Cart facility for adding food dishes into cart
  • Social media linking with the application for better publicity and hire application ranking in the application store

API Development and Integrations

A well designed or well integrated API will allow your organisation’s data to flow securely and efficiently to customers, suppliers and internal teams. We can assist with the development of your API, even if we were not involved in the development of your existing system. With our experience of working with third-party developers and adopting ownership of third-party systems, we can advise on and undertake the necessary development to take your API into production.

As well as creating APIs, we can also assist with the integration of existing internal or third-party APIs. Many common Software as a Service (SaaS) applications – for example those used in payments, document management, social media and customer relations management (CRM) – have APIs available which can be used to automate certain functionality or provide additional services.

Flexible and high-quality software solutions in the range of C# & Visual Basic .Net

We create flexible and high-quality software solutions in the range of C#, Visual Basic .Net, to approach effectively applications with consistent quality, without even a single error.

WinForms controls – Component One & Farpoint

We have been developing complex applications, using WinForms controls (Component One, Farpoint). Beside, we strive to grow applications that suit client’s needs, and provide innovative, interactive service for our customers all over the globe, on proven technological platforms. Based on proficient technical expertise and client-oriented strategy, we deliver a wide range of software solutions for every single business and technology.

Our native applications are highly demanded, because of the flexible capabilities, we collaborate with people from every industry, integrating alert apps and promoting IT solutions for all industries. QA Testing is a huge part of our work routine that helps us update existing code with tracking defects, issues, improving the quality of the development process from the very beginning.


Our final goal is to save your time & money providing a wide set of services like:

  • Web & mobile application development
  • System analysis & services development
  • Migrations of web/desktop apps
  • Custom software development
  • Support, maintenance & upgrade.

The development world is changing rapidly; we all must adjust our applications and go ahead with the new technology on the newest compatible software platforms. Dot Net is taking care of your previous investments and at the same time developing applications for a future business efficiency.