Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Consulting Services

Innovio designs machine learning algorithms, implement powerful predictive analytics, and develops AI/ML algorithms to identify, predict and decode your business challenges. Our definitive AI/ML solutions will help your decision making, maintain business continuity, automate repetitive tasks, and unlock lucrative revenue streams.


Exclusive AI Use-cases For Your Unique Business Needs

Transform your business with our top-of-the-line AI/ML services and execute Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models specific to your industry niche. Innovio uses intelligent tech to transform your entire enterprise pipeline and help automate it for maximal growth.

Our AI/ML Consultants Specialise in:

  • Machine Learning Modelling
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • Data Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Cognitive Modelling
  • Neural Networks
  • Classification
  • Autonomous AI

Our consulting services allow enterprises across all major industries to improve operational efficiency and automates internal processes through the power of AI and ML.


Example use cases according to the industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Enhance resource extraction and production efficiency and make better use of distribution channels.

As the global population increases, so will energy demand. A global shift toward renewable energy sources has started, and should be prioritised. In 2016, 55% of global energy demand was supplied by the oil and gas industry, and by 2040, it is anticipated that that number will increase to 57%. 

Machine learning can help companies make the switch to predictive maintenance by modelling sensor data to find problematic equipment. If there are anomalies in the dataset, such as equipment operating outside its parameters, then the equipment can be maintained before it is damaged. Damaged equipment leads to safety issues and reduced production



Improve energy production rate and enhance the efficiency of distribution channels.

Massive data centres established around the world produce a great deal of heat, which require a massive amount of electricity to cool down. To address the problem, machine learning algorithms have been used to reduce energy cooling by 40%. Aside from greatly reducing their utility bills, it also helped to lower overall emissions, reducing the carbon tax they would otherwise have to pay.



Improve operational uptime and billable work rate productivity.

By analysing data from previous maintenance cycles, machine learning can identify patterns that can be used to predict equipment failures and when future maintenance will be needed. This information can then be used to schedule maintenance before problems occur. This, in turn, could save manufacturers significant time and money since it allows them to tackle specific issues exactly when needed—and in a highly focused way. 


Aircraft Industry

Drive up revenue, improve channel efficiency and minimise risk.

Airlines literally bear high costs due to delays and cancellations that includes expenses on maintenance and compensations to travellers stuck in airports. With nearly 30 percent of the total delay time caused by unplanned maintenance, predictive analytics applied to fleet technical support is a reasonable solution. With applied predictive maintenance, an airline can reduce expenses connected with expedited transportation of parts, overtime compensation for crews, and unplanned maintenance. If a technical problem did occur, maintenance teams could react to it faster with workflow organisation software.


AI/ML Strategy & Consulting

Innovio will analyse your unique business and enterprise model and our experienced AI/ML architect will strategize what technological solutions will best suit your unique business needs.