Website Care Plans

Our website care plans provide provide protection and expert support, helping to keep your website secure, safe and up to date.

What's included with your Care Plan?


Frequently Asked Questions

1When is Support Available?
We are available from 9-6 Monday to Friday but we do monitor our accounts beyond those hours and during the weekend and normally respond to anything urgent during those times as soon as we can.
2Does the monthly support time roll over?
No. The support time in your Care Plan is set aside each month and is not rolled over. This is so that I can dedicate myself to each client at their allotted time.
3What if I need more time each month?
That’s fine, just email us at and ask how many hours you would like. We'll invoice you separately for each hour worked, at the discounted rate of £50 an hour.
4Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
Yes, no problem. If you find that the Care Plan you are on is not suitable for your business, simply contact us at and we will adjust your plan and relevant invoices at the end of that calendar month.
5What happens if my website goes down, is hacked, breaks, etc?
In the very unlikely event your website goes down and it’s hosted with Innovio, we will implement the Emergency Backup Restoration feature and get your site up and running again in no time. If your website is not hosted with us, this falls outside of the Care Plan and we would need to liaise with your hosting company in order to help resolve the issue. This will be charged at the discounted rate of £50 per hour. I do advise you to make sure that you have the proper security in place through your hosting company.
6My website was not build by IWC creative, can I still be on a Care Plan?
You sure can! Although our plans are created for sites I build or re-design, we very much welcome clients who are looking for a long term relationship with a dedicated webmaster. We will need to do an audit of your WordPress website to see if you would be suitable for one of my Care Plans. This WordPress website audit service would be charged at £150. Once the audit is complete we will suggest a Care Plan that best suits you and your business and how you can proceed. Email us at to tell us more about your situation.
7Do you charge for other Care Plans?
Yes. Prices of other Care Plans are based on what services you have, how many services you have, how often you want content changes and how much time in general you want us to work on your site. All Care Plans contain the basic features as stated on this page. If you would like a price for a bespoke Care Plan, just email us at and we will happily send you a quote.
8Do I have to host with you?
Not at all. If you are happy with your hosting company, We can still take care of your website, as long as it is a WordPress website. Although some features of the Care Plans are only available for clients that are hosted with me. These features are: Pre-live Staging & Emergency Backup Restoration.
9What do you need in order to set up support on my site?
First of all your site needs to be a WordPress site and I would need access to your website’s admin section so that I can conduct a WordPress website audit. This WordPress website audit service would be charged at £150. Once the audit is complete we’ll discuss which Care Plan is best suited for your business.
10What kind of support will you provide?
We will make regular software and plugin updates, to keep your website secure, as well as make small content and/or design changes that you have specifically asked for. Also, we will install and setup any new plugins you wish to have installed.
11What's not included?
Major design changes or large web feature changes are not covered under the Care Plans. If you want large scale changes to your site, please contact us at and we can discuss your requirements.
12I’d like to talk more about your Care Plans, what do I do next?
Great! Contact us at and we’ll discuss your situation and see if we would be a good fit working together, how we can support you and which Care Plan best suits your business.